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Pediatric Answers Is A Community

It is a place to come and share your worries and triumphs of parenthood. Get answers to your questions. Learn tips to make life with children a little easier. And when needed, get smart products to solve common childhood problems.

Our Values


Education is empowering and should be free of charge.


Developing smart, new products that improve kids’ health.


Giving 10% of profits to community building charities.

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Dr. Wonnacott, a pediatrician and mom of four, created Pediatric Answers to be a community. It’s a safe place to come learn, share ideas, and get tips to help navigate the challenges of parenthood. The products currently offered (and those in development) are created to solve common childhood problems in a very practical, smart way. These solutions are a result of years of encountering the same problems in a clinical setting. It’s the ultimate necessity-breeds-innovation concept.

Let Pediatric Answers be your resource, your trusted tribe.

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What can Pediatric Answers do for you?

Check out our blog. There are countless articles on topics ranging from healthy to sick kids.

Follow our instagram feed @PediatricAnswers. There are daily updates on, “what’s hot,” “common topics,” and the very popular “Q&A.”

There are plans for a number of new products all designed to help specific problems. Join our newsletter and we’ll let you know when they come out.

Parents Love Pediatric Answers

"Dr. Wonnacott focuses on your children. She cares very deeply and knows your situation from appointment to appointment. She's honest and she listens before diagnosing. I'm so grateful we found her when we did."

"Dr.Wonnacott is the best! I would totally recommend to everybody! She always goes extra mile for her patients. She is super nice the kids love her and very professional."

"I love how when she sees us you can tell she is very invested in our family and cares about our concerns as parents."

"Wonnacott has always been great to work with. She's awesome with my daughter and makes her feel comfortable. She's also very informative."

"Dr Wonnacott is one of the most caring, kind and knowledgeable pediatricians you'll ever meet"

"Expert physician all around. Our kids love her. She remembers every detail of their health history and is always willing to answer our questions—even when we're overreacting. She never does anything that isn't necessary, but is always going the extra mile to make sure our kids are as healthy and happy as can be. Every kid should have a pediatrician like Dr. Wonnacott"

"I love Dr. Wonnacott!! She is super nice and very energetic! She always takes the time to make my kids feel safe and comfortable with her and she really cares about them. I recommend her to everyone! She is a great people person and a great doctor"

"There is not a more caring, kind, and knowledgeable Pediatrician on the planet! Our kids and us love Dr. Wonnacott"

"Dr. Wonnacott is just all around awesome! She is so good with my son and is very personable."

"Dr. Monica Wonnacott is such a loving, caring and gentle practitioner. She always listens to what my concerns are and doesn't just tell me what I want to hear she always gives me the truth. She's so knowledgeable and exceeds any expectations I ever had for a pediatrician for our babies. I feel so blessed that Monica is apart of our journey with raising our kids, I couldn't ask for a more amazing Dr, thank you so much Monica for treating me and my family as if they were your very own. We love you and will thank you for showing us the love and concern that you do. I would recommend Monica to everyone and anyone, we hit the jackpot having her as our pediatrician."

"Dr. Wonnacott is not only the best doctor we have ever had but is an all around good hearted person who cares soooooo much about every Patient she has. We are lucky to have her and there have been countless times she has gone above and beyond for our kids. If we moved states we would travel to go to her."

"Dr.Wonnacott has been my son's pediatrician since he was born.He spent 2.5 weeks in the hospital due to IUGR....he is now 10. She has followed us on this crazy journey, helped in guiding the way. Made referrals to various doctors, cardio, endo, neuro etc.Little man is quite a complex boy. My son loves her and so do we. She pays attn to detail,listens, and is very professional. If I could give her extras stars I so would."

"She is absolutely amazing! She's a mom herself so she gets it. Very straight forward and clear. Willing to take time with you and answer all your questions. Absolutely LOVE her. Highly recommend Dr. Wonnacott!"

"We love Dr. Wonnacott! She makes it so easy to be comfortable, and takes the time to talk to my son directly instead of just me. My son (7) had to get a foreign object extracted from his nose that he shoved up there. Dr. Wonnacott let me daughter (10) hold the flashlight and be her assistant. Every experience with her has been pleasant! My son actually looks forward to his visits, and thinks she is the coolest!"

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    Age: Newborn

    Baby (0–12 mo)

    Congratulations, your beautiful baby has finally arrived.  It’s exciting, wonderful, overwhelming, and exhausting all at the same time.  Soon you’ll find your rhythm.  You’ll get to know your baby’s cues for feeding and sleeping, wha

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    To Helmet Or Not To Helmet? That Is The Question.


    When the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that babies sleep on their back to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), there was a sharp rise in the problem of flat heads in babies. More babies were sleeping on their backs and their h

  • stages 2 months

    Age: 2 Months

    Baby (0–12 mo)

    Two months is a fun age; your baby is finally smiling at you interactively. It isn’t that your baby couldn’t smile before, it’s just that your baby’s vision has improved so dramatically in the past few weeks that he or she can see you well