Hidden Dangers: Part 2

Unfortunately, I have seen all of the following hidden dangers multiple times in my office. Here's how it usually plays out...

This week: More hidden dangers you have around the house. Plus, the bug that’s going around, how to save $54 on a mono test, how I fixed an infected blister, and more.

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What's Inside

Hidden Dangers: Part 2

Unfortunately, I’ve seen all of the following hidden dangers multiple times in my office.


Quick disclaimer: I’ve combined a handful of similar experiences and changed names to share a typical/composite story of how these things usually play out. Basically, an amalgam of several experiences. All names and specific details are complete fiction. No HIPAA rules were broken. 🙂 


Timmy was a healthy, curious, playful, 5 year-old boy.

One day, he complained to his mom that his tummy hurt. She wondered if it was just constipation and increased his fiber. The next day he complained again. She gave him some Miralax and Motrin. He pooped and stopped complaining. The following day he was writhing in pain complaining that his tummy hurt. Worried it might be appendicitis, mom rushed him to the ER.

Imaging in the ER showed something in his intestines: a series of perfectly round metal balls all stuck together. They were magnets!

Timmy immediately went to surgery.

The surgeon discovered the intestines were trapped between the magnetic balls and had perforated the bowels. Some of the holes could be repaired. Other areas required sections of the bowel to be removed altogether.

Timmy nearly died. He spent many weeks in the hospital recovering. His mother had no idea that he had even swallowed the little magnetic toy balls.

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