Below are a bunch of videos I created right after my baby was born. These are a little dated at this point (the baby in the video is now 6 years old), but I still think they’re valuable to all those new parents out there. Enjoy!

Welcome video

How to take a baby’s temperature

How to swaddle a baby

How to clip your baby’s nails

Knowing your baby’s reflexes

How to properly carry or hold your infant

Umbilical cord care

Breastfeeding facts

Breastfeeding troubleshooting

All about bottle-feeding

Products for infant needs

Postpartum Emotions

The real scoop on circumcisions

When to introduce solid foods

All about jaundice

How to change a diaper

How to dress a baby

How to soothe a crying baby

Giving your baby vitamin D

How to properly buckle your infant

Why tummy time is important

How to bathe your baby

Breastfeeding holds

What breastpump to buy

Installing a car seat

Products mom needs

Sleeping Tips and Strategies

What to do if your baby is choking

The poop rules