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5 Things To Remember When Throwing A Birthday Party

I’m celebrating a birthday this month. Don’t ask how old I’ll be.

For the first time in my working career I am taking the day off. I don’t have any great plans, but even going to the grocery store by myself sounds like a little slice of Heaven. Maybe I’ll sit down and eat lunch, while it’s hot. The possibilities are endless.

In honor of birthdays, I thought I’d give a few pointers for throwing birthday parties for kids. Pintrest is a blessed curse for the comparative, guilt prone parent. Just remember, it’s not about how much money you spend, where you go, or how big the party is. It’s all about making your little one feel special. This can be done in simple ways (like serving her favorite dinner, having her wear a birthday pin, etc.)

If you throw a party:

  1. A good general rule of thumb is to invite as many kids as your child is turning in years (e.g. if my son turned 9 then he invited 9 kids). Inviting 30 4 year-olds to a party sounds like utter chaos and a recipe for problems.
  2. Don’t feed kids without knowing about food allergies.
  3. Ensure that there are enough adults for the number of kids (always important, but especially true of the destination party).
  4. Keep activities and games age appropriate.
  5. Limit media (if a movie is shown, be respectful of other parents and inform them of what is being shown).

Most importantly, have fun! I know I will!

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