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Choosing The Right Life Vest

I got a recent question on which life vest to buy for an infant. I smiled at the question, because I had just barely purchased a bunch. I hate to admit that I didn’t do a ton of homework on my purchase. Due to an upcoming lake trip, I needed life vests for everyone in my family. I was recently at Costco and they had a huge display of Hyperlite Life vests, and so I purchased them. The vests claim to be US Coast guard approved. I liked the vests because they weren’t too bulky, had zippers and multiple straps around the body for a nice, snug fit, were brightly colored (for easy visibility), and easy to move in. Additionally, the infant vest had a strap that goes between her legs (to help keep the vest in place) and an extra floatation piece that goes behind her head (so she can rest her head back in the water). Compared to other similar vests they were relatively cheap (I’m too frugal to pay more than $100/vest on something I’m rarely going to use). I paid $29 for the kid vests and $39 for the adult vests. So I made the executive decision that I needed to have one less thing to worry about on my never ending to do list and made the impulse purchase. Who knows, it could end up being an impulsive, life-saving decision. These are our vests as they currently hang in our closet.