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3 Tricks For Preventing Eczema Flares

With the dry, winter weather, I have seen a lot of eczema flaring these days. So either we all move to Hawaii (which doesn’t sound like a bad idea) or step up our game. At our house, I have converted from the once daily Cetaphil lotion after nightly tubs with our kids to the twice daily Cetaphil Cream. Here are 3 things you can do to treat/prevent eczema flare ups.

  1. Use hypoallergenic products (laundry detergents, soaps, lotions).
  2. Use thick moisturizers (should be white or clear) multiple times a day.
  3. Use a steroid cream (you’ll usually get this prescribed from your doctor) sparingly on bad spots.

I saw this cute little guy in clinic this past week. His sweet mom let me snap a few pics. As you can see, his skin is struggling with eczema. I suggested Cetaphil cream 5 times a day, prescribed an ointment to be used 3 times a day, and told mom to coat him with Aquaphor head to toe before bed. In a matter of a week, his skin will look perfect.