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The Benefits Of Overeating At Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. While overeating is not generally accepted by the medical community as healthy, I think there are times when exceptions to a rule MUST be made, and Thanksgiving is one of those days. For those of you who know me, I am really good at justifying my actions. So naturally, I came up with my top 10 reasons that overeating on Thanksgiving is beneficial. (Don’t quote me on any of this. I’ll strongly deny it.)

Top 10 benefits to over eating at Thanksgiving

  1. You don’t want to offend the cook.
  2. Become your own self-contained food storage plan.
  3. Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate our heritage and Americans overeat together.
  4. Makes it easier to justify passing out on the couch to take a nap or watch a sporting event.
  5. There is more of you to love for the holidays.
  6. When else can you use a cool word like “tryptophan” in dinner conversation?
  7. It’s economically beneficially because you’re too tired to shop on Black Friday.
  8. It’s the only day it’s socially acceptable to lean back in your chair, unbutton your pants, and rub your belly.
  9. When else do marshmallows and vegetables go together?
  10. PIE. PIE. PIE. (It has fruit in it and fruit is healthy, right?)

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day is happy, safe, and healthy.