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Uneven Breasts In Early Adolescent Girls

On the heels of yesterday’s post on gynecomastia, I thought I’d give a nod to girl’s breast development. If I am seeing an early adolescent girl for a physical (10-13 yrs.), I almost always get questions about her breast development. It seems that although we as moms grew boobs ourselves, we don’t remember the details of when it first started with us.

It is normal for the tissue to grow uneven at first. One side will grow, while the other is completely flat. It can be so impressive that often girls and their mom’s don’t realize that the growth is actual breast tissue. It is commonly mistaken for a mass, tumor, or growth.  This uneven growth, with one side bigger than the other is very normal. The nipple itself will spread and make a slight point, creating a small mound. The tissue will feel firm and dense (much more than an adult woman’s breast). It is also normal for the breasts to be tender. There are a lot of hormones playing into the breast growth and those hormones can cause some tenderness. So rest assured, your daughter is growing normally.