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Posted by Dr. Monica Wonnacott | April 27, 2016

Is It Okay To Use A Night Light In A Baby’s Room

I fielded a question the other day on whether it was okay to use a nightlight in the baby’s room. The mother had heard conflicting reports. I was surprised. I recommend them in my practice all the time, especially with new babies.

It is important for a new baby to get visual cues that tell her when it is day and when it is night. The problem that a parent encounters is how to see enough to find and feed the baby for middle-of-the-night feeds without turning on the light? The night light is the perfect answer without flipping on the bright overhead light. In fact, when my baby was a newborn, I had two nightlights in her room, and one in the hall just outside her room, to make it light enough for me to see to feed her and yet keep it pretty dark.

As for night lights with older kids, I have no qualms about them either. Kids go through phases of needing a light on to help reassure them. What argument is there against reassuring a child? It doesn’t mean they will always be afraid of the dark or not able to sleep in the dark later as adults. As an added benefit to the younger child who is recently potty trained, the nightlight can provide enough light to help the child see to get to the bathroom if needs be during the night.

The bottom line, there is no harm in aiding you or your child. You’re doing the right thing, don’t let other people tell you otherwise.