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Posted by Dr. Monica Wonnacott | December 10, 2016

How’d That Get Up There?

The funny story this week came from a delightful 5 year-old during her routine well-child check. While examining her, I discovered a bright green foreign object lodged high up in her nose.

Dr. Wonnacott: “What’s that up your nose?”

5 year-old: Gives a quizzical look as if to say “Nose? What nose?”

After failed attempts to blow out the object, I finally reached in with a forceps and pulled it out. It was a large, green, craft pom-pom. I held the object in the forceps up right in front of her, so she could see.

Dad: “Why did you put that up your nose?”

5 year-old: “I didn’t do it.”

Dad: “Oh, really?”

5 year-old: (Firmly now) “NO, I didn’t do it.”

So if anyone happens to have any leads on who could have possibly stuck a craft pom-pom up this child’s nose, it would be greatly appreciated. Because it seems to be a BIG mystery.