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Posted by Dr. Monica Wonnacott | February 12, 2016

Help, My Teen Won’t Sleep

I saw a teenager this last week in clinic with a really common complaint: “I can’t sleep.” He has trouble falling asleep at night, can’t get up in the morning, and is dying tired when he gets home from school. So, he takes daily naps.  The problem is clear to you and me, but never to the teen.


The teen’s reply is always the same, ‘But, I’m so tired. It’s the only way I can get by.’  The teen doesn’t realize that the naps are at the root of the problem. It’s poor sleep hygiene. To fix the sleep problem, go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, and don’t sleep during the day. It’s that simple. (The only exception is kids under 5 years and those who are ill).

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