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Macrocephaly: Does Your Kid Have A Huge Head?


Does your kiddo have a huge noggin’, or know someone’s kid who does? While most of the time it’s just genetic and nothing to worry about, there are times that it can be a sign of a bigger problem. Macrocephaly is the medical term for a disproportionately large head. To be precise, a child is (...)

Are Your Kid’s Fears Normal Or Irrational?


I was a worrier as a kid. I was sure my dad, who traveled a lot, was going to die in a plane crash. I thought the night stalker I heard about on the news was going to climb into my room at night and kill me. The funny thing is, I never told my (...)

Depression: The Warning Signs


May is mental health awareness month. It seemed only appropriate to address depression. As a parent, it can be hard to acknowledge that your kid may have depression. After all, they are a kid; they don’t have anything to be stressed about, right? The thing is, all depression isn’t situational (parental divorce, death of a (...)

Headaches: When Should I Worry?


Everyone has experienced a headache and knows how terrible they can be. As a parent, it can be tricky knowing when to worry and do something about symptoms that your child complains about. Headaches are no exception. As parents, our minds go to the worst scenario. What if I’m ignoring or minimizing my child’s complaints (...)

3 Signs Your Child May Be Autistic


Have you ever wondered if your child is autistic? Autism, or autism spectrum disorders (ASD), is a group of brain-based disabilities that affect a child’s social interactions, communication skills, and behavior. Kids who are autistic classically have developmental problems in one of those 3 areas. Take a look at the list below to see if your (...)

Is It Daydreaming Or Seizures?


I had a child recently come in for an ADHD evaluation who was actually having seizures. The parents thought that their child was just not focusing in class and having trouble paying attention. The teacher thought the child was always “daydreaming.” In fact, the poor child was actually having dozens of seizures a day. This (...)

Does My Child Have ADHD?


Every parent has asked themselves at some point the magic question: Does my child have ADHD? It is impressively frustrating to have to ask your child a hundred times to do something. I know as a parent, I have often thought, “If I have to ask you one more time to …x, y, z… head is (...)

It’s Kindergarten Physical Time


It’s springtime, and that means time to register your kids for the upcoming school year. If you have a child that will be in kindergarten come this fall, you’ll need to schedule a Kindergarten Physical. Every state’s requirements are a little different. In Utah, there is a physical form, immunization form, and medication form (if (...)

Febrile Seizures: Is Your Child At Risk?


A febrile seizure is a seizure that happens when a child has a fever. Febrile seizures happen in 3-5% of children, and usually occur between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. Children who have had 1 febrile seizure have a 20-30% risk of having another. Most febrile seizures happen as a result of viruses (...)

A Question About Shaking Movements In Infants


Thanks J.R.F. of New York for your question about shaking movements in infants. Babies (and children) who reportedly have shaking movements always catch my attention. The challenge is that there is an endless list of potential causes. Many movements that babies make are normal. Normal movements include a quivering chin, a startle reflex, and a (...)