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Age: 3 Years


Three-year-olds are self-determined individuals with a good sense of right and wrong. They understand that they can influence the world around them and have discovered the art of talking their way out of a situation. It’s the delightfully funny, yet tiresome age of “why, why, why.” SAFETY Car: Use a Convertible Car Seat in the (...)

​Age: 4 Years

Four is one of the best ages in terms of kids. Four year-olds are perfectly articulate, have wonderful imaginations, want to learn, say the funniest things, generally desire to please, and still accept what you say as fact. SAFETY Car: Use a Convertible Car Seat in the back seat of the vehicle Important Note: As (...)

Age: 5 Years

Going to school is the major milestone for 5 year-olds. It is a time of great excitement, fear, and change for many 5 year-olds. Every child demonstrates different levels of school readiness. In addition to formal education, children learn important social skills. SAFETY Car: Whether you are using a convertible car seat (this is the (...)