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Age: 5 Years


Going to school is the major milestone for 5 year-olds. It is a time of great excitement, fear, and change for many 5 year-olds. Every child demonstrates different levels of school readiness. In addition to formal education, children learn important social skills. SAFETY Car: Whether you are using a convertible car seat (this is the (...)

Age: 6 Years

“What can I do?” is the pressing question for 6 year-olds. They are continuously testing what their bodies can do, “How fast can I run?” or “How far can I kick this ball?” Their coordination and, consequently, confidence is improving. They want to be independent, but do not consistently make good decisions. Be warned, 6 (...)

Age: 7–8 Years

This age is a welcome reprieve for most parents. Kids this age are settling in socially and emotionally. They are getting good at self-regulation and can follow instructions well. It is a delightful age in childhood. Safety Car: Use a booster seat in the back seat of the car (I prefer the booster style with (...)

Age: 9-10 Years


Kids this age have a good sense of self. They tend to be confident and hopeful. They have friends, interact well with others, and have good relationships with family. They are just beginning to seek the influence of those outside of their home to form opinions and new ideas. They will often have a “best (...)

Age: 11-12 Years


Eleven and twelve year-olds are often referred to as ‘tweeners,’ because they are between childhood and teens. I always find it an interesting age in my well child exam. Some kids this age are completely prepubescent and some are well into puberty. Some have great relationships with their parents, while others are well on their (...)