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Age: Newborn


Congratulations, your beautiful baby has finally arrived.  It’s exciting, wonderful, overwhelming, and exhausting all at the same time.  Soon you’ll find your rhythm.  You’ll get to know your baby’s cues for feeding and sleeping, what each different cry means, and which sounds are worrisome and which sounds aren’t.  Until then, here are a few pointers. (...)

Age: 2 Months


Two months is a fun age; your baby is finally smiling at you interactively. It isn’t that your baby couldn’t smile before, it’s just that your baby’s vision has improved so dramatically in the past few weeks that he or she can see you well enough to consistently smile back at your funny faces. Your (...)

Age: 4 Months


Four months is a fun age. Your baby is becoming more and more interactive. He or she may make squealing noises and even laugh at you. If you’re lucky, your baby may even start sleeping through the night by 4 months of age. Most babies do that blessed maneuver somewhere between 4 and 6 months (...)

Age: 6 Months


Six months is the golden age of infancy (in my humble opinion). Your baby is old enough to sit on his/her own, is content if you set him/her on the ground with some toys for a few minutes, won’t crawl away (yet), sleeps through the night, and is smiley and responsive; it’s all around—golden. Safety (...)

Age: 9 Months


Nine months is the age of exploration. Your infant is, for good or bad, mobile. Your baby is discovering that he or she can finally get to things of interest and is trying to reach everything. Your baby is learning to communicate and interact with the environment. Safety Car: The car seat should be in (...)

Age: 12 Months

One year is huge milestone. There’s usually a big party, a face full of cake, lots of pictures, and it’s well deserved. You’ve all come a long way. As you look back at the first year and all of your baby’s “firsts,” it seems like it’s all gone by in a blink. You can hardly (...)

Age: 15 Months


Fifteen months is age of exploration, activity, and curiosity. Your baby is walking now, starting to talk, and developing a mind of his or her own. With these newfound skills, there often comes resistance to being fed, dressed, diapered, and going to bed. Setting safe limits becomes key. Safety Car: Use a Convertible Car Seat (...)

Age: 18 Months

Eighteen months can be a challenging age of balancing a child’s growing independence and confidence with his or her limited ability to communicate. This leads to frustration and temper tantrums that are typical for this age. Patience, consistent boundaries, gentle transitions, and improving verbal abilities will help significantly during this time. Safety Car: Use a (...)

Age: 2 Years

It is not true that two is terrible. In fact, most parents report that by the time their child is turning two, things are getting easier. Two year olds are finally able to articulate their wants and desires. They can tell you what is going on in their little minds, and that is a beautiful (...)

Age: 2 ½ Years

Two and a half year-olds are fun. They are energetic and capable and doing much more physically. They have mastered the concept of “me” and “mine” and are often trying to get you to watch with phrases such as, “look at me!” As their vocabulary continues to grow exponentially, many parents feel like they are (...)