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Posted by Dr. Monica Wonnacott | February 3, 2016

Car Seats: Convertible Seat – Britax Advocate

I’ve said it a million times, I’m inherently frugal. It’s who I am. I’m built that way. I use hand-me-down clothes, love a sale, etc., but safety is where I make exceptions. Buy the best car seat your budget will allow. While a car seat that is 3 times the cost will not give you 3 times the improved safety, increased cost often buys you increased safety features. Last month, I bought another convertible seat (our last one expired). As I researched the best seats, I decided on the Britax Advocate. It’s awesome. It even comes with side impact for the passenger (my 9 year-old) sitting next to the seat. But prepare yourself; it’s big, tough to get in the car (I was totally sweating and had to YouTube how to get the thing in my car properly), and expensive. I hope to never test it out, but should I ever wreck with my baby in the car, I’ll be glad I splurged for the best product.


A quick online search shows lots of places, including and Amazon. Here’s an affiliate link for Amazon:

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