Parents often ask me to recommend the best diaper cream, or the best ointment for diaper rash. There are lots of top diaper cream products out there, but in my opinion, get yourself some Calmoseptine.

There’s really nothing better, in my opinion. We’ve gone through tubes of this stuff at my house. Regular diaper changes and a thick layer of Calmoseptine anytime the first signs of diaper rash show up, and you’re set.

Where to get it

You’re going to see lots of options in the baby aisle at your local grocery store, but you won’t often find Calmoseptine there. It’s usually at the pharmacy section of your grocery store. Often you’ll need to ask your pharmacist. It’s over-the-counter, but sometimes they keep it behind the counter. Trust me, it’s worth the extra effort. You can also order it online. I sometimes just buy a 3-pack from Amazon.