Month: July 2017


Your baby is 9 months and mobile. This is the stage where you need to up your game. You turn your back for one minute and your child has crawled into some trouble. This stage is fun, but busy. Now is the time to seriously childproof your house. Safety  Car: Your child should still be in a rear-facing car seat. Depending on the brand of infant seat you have (some are designed to take a bigger child than others), this is the age when most babies are moving out of the infant seat to a convertible car seat. The...

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In my office, I regularly hear teens justify their marijuana use as “no big deal.” Every teen believes that they aren’t addicted, can stop at any moment, and it doesn’t affect them negatively. The parental responses are much more varied, anywhere from smoking with their teens to being so horrified that they want to kill their teens. With more and more states legalizing marijuana, it is a hot topic. Although it isn’t legal for use by minors, there is always a trickle down in availability to kids. So here’s the straight scoop on marijuana (scientifically speaking, keeping my own...

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Dr. Monica Wonnacott

I'm a pediatrician and a mom. is my blog where parents can get the straight scoop on their child's health, largely based on my experience in the office and at home. I don't diagnose on the site, so please don't ask. These are just my opinions. Use this site as a resource. And trust your parent gut.

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