Month: May 2017


If you or your children are among the 1 in 4 people who suffer from canker sores, then read on. Canker sores are miserable and considered one of the most common mouth sores. They first present in childhood, then plague people with a 50% recurrence rate (within 3 months). What are canker sores? The official medical term for canker sores is aphthous ulcers or aphthous stomatitis (we love these fancy medical terms, they make us feel smart). The sores (can be one or many at a time) are generally small, round/oval, with a yellow or pale floor and surrounding...

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May is mental health awareness month. It seemed only appropriate to address depression. As a parent, it can be hard to acknowledge that your kid may have depression. After all, they are a kid; they don’t have anything to be stressed about, right? The thing is, all depression isn’t situational (parental divorce, death of a siblings, etc.). Many kids who apparently ‘have it all’ are still depressed. Increasing your awareness could potentially save your child’s life one day. What is depression? The Mayo clinic has one of the most concise definitions of depression that I’ve seen. Their definition states:...

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Dr. Monica Wonnacott

I'm a pediatrician and a mom. is my blog where parents can get the straight scoop on their child's health, largely based on my experience in the office and at home. I don't diagnose on the site, so please don't ask. These are just my opinions. Use this site as a resource. And trust your parent gut.

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