Month: March 2017


One year is huge milestone. There’s usually a big party, a face full of cake, lots of pictures, and it’s well deserved. You’ve all come a long way. As you look back at the first year and all of your baby’s “firsts,” it seems like it’s all gone by in a blink. You can hardly remember a time when your baby wasn’t in your life. Life is complete. Safety  Car: Use a convertible car seat (rather than an infant car seat) in the back seat of the vehicle, rear-facing. Important Note: As of 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics...

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One of the most common questions I get is, “Does this need stitches?” Here are a few tips that might help. (Note: When I say “stitches,” that simply means the wound needs closure by a doctor — see types of closures below).  Wounds that need stitches are: Gaping open. If a wound is in a high tension area (think body areas that bend, pull, or move a lot) it is not likely to heal up on its own very well. Also, if the wound is quite deep, the edges will pull apart and need to be stitched closed. Deep. Wounds...

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Dr. Monica Wonnacott

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