Month: November 2016


Back in February, I wrote an article about cutting for At the time, it was something I was just starting to see in my office. Since then, I’ve started to see multiple teens every day who are cutting. The behavior is exploding. It’s a true epidemic. It seems that teens hear about it and then decide to try it out. Don’t assume your teen is immune (I’ve seen straight A, “good kids” doing it as well as teens who are struggling). It affects everybody, so become educated. Much of the information below is from my article in ModernMom, but because...

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Ah, stinky breath. When did it happen? When your child was born his or her breath was so yummy. It has this little sweet smell, straight from Heaven. Then seemingly overnight, it happens, toilet breath. The medical term is Halitosis. Is it something to worry about? Maybe, depends on a lot of things.  Here’s the quick scoop. Consider breath by age. Babies: Babies don’t have teeth, developed sinuses, or mouths colonized with the typical bacteria that causes cavities. Hence, your baby should have good breath. It shouldn’t be stinky. If your child has smelly breath, there is usually a problem...

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Dr. Monica Wonnacott

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