Month: June 2016


I wanted nothing more than a trampoline (and a pony) growing up. But my mom said they were dangerous and so we never got one. (I thought she was just making excuses for being cheap; little did I know she was actually right). Now that I’m an adult and can get one, I have had an internal debate whether or not I should. The child in me says, yes. The pediatrician says, no. There is no denying it. Trampolines are fun. Trampolines are good exercise. Trampolines are dangerous. As a pediatrician, I feel obligated to accurately represent the American...

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I didn’t get any Facebook questions this week, so thought I would post on a topic that I have had a number of parents ask about in the last couple of months: arsenic in infant rice cereal. In April, there was a lot of press about inorganic arsenic levels found in infant rice cereal and the potential toxic effects (following a study that was published in JAMA). Quick background Arsenic is element in the Earth’s crust. It is found naturally in the air, water, and soil. It is also in fertilizers and pesticides. It has two forms: organic and inorganic....

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Yesterday was officially the first day of summer for my kids. Summer comes with mixed emotions. While I love having the kids around, I fear the academic regression that happens as I picture their brains turning to mush from wanting to do nothing but engage in media all day. I think most parents struggle with this “what to do with my kids all summer?” problem to some degree or another. How do we as parents help our children keep learning? Every year I try valiantly to come up with some plan to combat my dilemma. Last year I enrolled my...

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